Indian twins marry same woman

Twins are known to have the same habits and likings, but being close to the extent of falling in love with the same woman and marrying her is something unheard of, except for the people of Palia Gujar village in Uttar Pradesh.

Twins Kunwarpal and Chandrapal Singh from Dataganj tehsil in Badaun, who have earned the nicknames Ram and Shyam or just 'jodi' because of their closeness, married Madhubala, a resident of a neighbouring village, after both of them fell in love with her. The unusual union notwithstanding, their family, which includes seven children, lives happily, said villagers.

While their eldest son is pursuing a bachelor's degree in science, the youngest is just five years old. In school records, the names of both the twins have been mentioned in the column for the father's name.

The brothers, both post-graduates, even quit their jobs in Delhi which forced them to live separately, and returned to their village to farm their land to remain together. People recalled that when Kunwarpal was once arrested and sent to jail due to some dispute, Chandrapal started fighting with police in an attempt to accompany his brother to prison. Police eventually freed Kunwarpal to help them remain together, they said.

People recounted several instances when the brothers fought tooth and nail to remain together. Neighbours, who can barely differentiate between the two because of their close resemblance despite seeing them every day, said the closeness they share is unique and they could perhaps be one of a kind.

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