3D Newspapers in China

A newspaper that was issued in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, came out in 3D edition. Readers can see 3D pictures with 3D glasses that were attached with it. 3D Newspapers Probably because of the movie Avatar, people in China are really in love on 3D staff. Well, this is not the first 3D newspaper which can found in China. In April, a newspaper from Shiyan city, Hubei Province, has made it the first. Looks like the printing technology for newspaper in China has made some breakthrough.

Actually, the 3D newspaper in China are not totally in 3D, only some of the pages will provide 3D effects and these pages are usually advertisement. The advertisers are really smart enough to have 3D effects on print’s media, so the Chinese reader will easily get interested to have a look on it.

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