Nareepol Tree - The Amazing Woman Tree

Nareepol is an amazing tree in Thailand and is drawing attention of people from all over the world. Nareepol Tree is an amazing tree that grows fruit in the shape of women show the tree in Thailand. This is a fruit in human shape. Unbelievable just have a look. This is amazing tree named "Nareepol" in Thai. Naree means "girl/woman" and pol means plant/tree or "buah" in Malay. It means women tree. This way, it transforms into women tree. It is amazing to see a creature, which looks exactly like a woman/girl, hanging on this tree.

Nareepol Tree - The Amazing Woman Tree in ThailandThe fact that this woman/girl like stuff is hanging on the tree like a mango makes it more mysterious and is arousing curiosity among people all over. Nareepol tree very pretty and the Nareepol flower is sweet. But the fruit of the poor Nareepol is impossible to eat. Why? Because it a hoax!

Nareepol Tree - The Amazing Woman Tree in ThailandThe Nareepol tree is said to be located at a place called Petchaboon in Thailand. You can see the real tree at Petchaboon province about almost 500 kms away from Bangkok.

It is amazing tree what God create the World in many forms that amused human beings...

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