Baby Boy Born With Two Front Teeth

A baby boy surprised his first-time parents when he was born with two fully-formed front teeth.
Most babies six months to a year to grow their first teeth but Oliver James had two pearly whites from the start. His parents Joanne Jones, 31, and Lee, 32, said they have already booked their son's first dentists appointment.

First time parents Joanne and Lee Jones had an extra surprise when their son Oliver was born - he had two front teeth. The 7lb 12oz youngster has two front incisors in his lower gums and doctors say the teeth may fall out and be replaced or stay in place as the first of his baby teeth.

Mr and Mrs James, from Haverhill, Cambridgeshire have been inundated with friends and family who are keen to see their firstborn's toothy smile. Mrs James said that they were delighted to have a healthy baby boy and added that his teeth were proving popular with visitors. She said: 'Oliver is a very, very good baby and it was a complete surprise to see his teeth. They are not little stumps, they are proper teeth. It is not unknown for baby born with teeth, but it is extremely rare. It was quite comical in the hospital because everyone wanted to come and see Oliver's teeth when they heard about them.

Mr and Mrs Jones with Oliver.

Doctors says that the teeth may fall out and be replaced or they could stay in place as the first of his baby teeth. Baby's teeth begin to develop before they are born. However, they don't usually come through until they are aged between six months and one year old. One in 2,000 babies is born with a tooth or two like Oliver.

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