Jose Mestre After Surgery

Here I have good update about Jose Mestre. As I mentioned in my old post about "Jose Mestre - the man without face”, who had 12-pound tumor that covered his most of face
But Now Jose Mestre is adjusting with his new look after surgery. The life-threatening 12-pound tumor was completely removed by Dr. McKay McKinnon that covered most of Jose Mestre's face. 55 year old Portuguese, is now 5 kilos lighter and looking handsome with human face.

This is after doctors in Saint Joseph Hospital, Chicago performed radical surgery to remove the extra weight growing on his face. It took the doctors three months to successfully do the whole procedure.

Jose Mestre After SurgeryJose Mestre Before Surgery

Jose Mestre After SurgeryJose Mestre After Surgery

The tumor which started growing when Mestre was only 14 years old was already affecting his sight, his breathing and much of his sleeping and eating activities that he could have died had it not been for the operation. The growth on Mestre’s face was so huge that he was more known as “the man without face.”

Jose Mestre after surgery and spending three months in Chicago and undergoing four facial surgeries, finally he has a chance to lead sort of a normal life because before he felt that, even though he never chose to, but he was the center of attraction wherever he went.

His sister Edith Abreu has cared for him over the years and been with him throughout the surgeries. Mestre says without her, he would not be alive.


Anonymous said...

Bless you and I'm glad your surgery went well now you can be more happy:-)

Dheeraj sharma said...

I am very glad to know
that Jose is now able to live normal life.
Very much thanks to god.

Noneofyour Buisness said...

God Bless Him with all my heart to make sure he's ok
And to have the most beautiful face he could ever want

Dylan lawrence said...

God bless him with all my heart

Anonymous said...

Mr Mestre..i just watched your story on tv and i am glad the surgery has gone well.i hope youare recovering well

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