Doggie Dumbo: Harbor- Dog With The World's Biggest Ears

Guinness World Records has named Harbor for him the biggest ears on the planet. His left one measures 12.25 inches while the right is longer at 13.5 inches. The breed was developed to hunt raccoons, with the long ears said to help by sweeping scents towards the nose. But Harbor has had a lifelong struggle with his colossal ears, frequently tripping over them as a puppy and rolling down the stairs.
Dog With The Worlds Biggest EarsOwner Jennifer Wert, from Boulder, Colorado, said: ‘Cars will literally stop in the street to take a closer look and get a picture. Most days I forget how oddly long his ears are,’ added Jennifer. ‘He is a phenomenon in the world and he creates smiles wherever we go.’

Dog With The Worlds Biggest Ears
According to Guinness World Records 2012, Harbor’s ear-span is greater than the height of the world’s shortest man, Junrey Balawing, who is 23.5 inches tall. Harbor takes the new title from Tigger (13.5 inch ears), a bloodhound from Illinois, who sadly passed away of old age two years ago.

Harbor's ears are also wider than the smallest road-legal car, which is 26 inches wide, and you could comfortably fit the world’s shortest dog, 6 inch long Brandy, who is also from the US, on each of Harbor’s ears twice.

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