Oldest Tortoise In The World

Do you know who is the oldest Tortoise in the world? Addwaita was a oldest aged tortoise in India and the world. A tortoises long life span has been linked to the reptiles slow metabolic rate. Experts reckon as a general rule, animals with a high metabolic rate die early and those that burn energy more slowly can live on for decades.

Reports in the media are frequently claiming that the world's oldest tortoise has died
take Harriet and TuI Malila for example, who died at 175 and 188-years-old respectively.
But Addwaita was a tortoise that lived in West Bengal, India is estimated to have been around 255 years old when it died, making it just a toddler around the time of the American Revolution.

A zookeeper tends to Addwaita at the Alipore Zoological Garden in Calcutta, India, Before his death from liver failure five years ago.

It's age was verified by a technique called carbon dating, confirming Addwaita as one of the oldest creatures of modern times. His long life ended when his shell cracked and a wound developed some months

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