Highway Passes Through Gate Tower Building

Did you ever seen the highway passes through a building? It's happened in Gate Tower Building at Osaka in Japan. That's one of the most amazing facts in Osaka from the Umeda Sky Building observatory was this famous skyscraper traversed by a highway.

 Surprisingly, there is no connection between the two structures, the highway passes between the fifth and seventh floors of this building like a tunnel, wrapped in the noise protection walls. The side of the Gate Tower Building simply opens up like a mouth to release traffic coming off of the Hanshin Expressway. Futuristic-looking and against all classic notions of creating high rises, the Gate Tower Building is actually the result of a compromise between the Japanese government and landowners who had staked a claim on the land back in the mid-19th century.


The land was owned by the Suezawa Sangyo Company, which in 1983 started to plan an office building. However, the land was also included in the Hanshin Expressway plans for the highway construction, so 5-year-long fruitless negotiations took place. In 1989, because of a similar issue in Minato-ku, Tokyo, the building codes were changed to allow the development of buildings and highways in the same space. In the end the project from Tokyo was abandoned, so the Gate Tower Building from Osaka, finished in 1992, became the first building in Japan having a highway passing through building.

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