Indian Girl Playing With King Cobra Snake

Just 8 year old Indian girl eats, sleeps and plays with King Cobra snake. This little charmer calls these King Cobras her best friends, even though she has survived three venom filled bites from them. Villagers in Ghatampur, Uttar Pradesh, India, run in fear when they see eight year old Kajol Khan wandering the dusty streets with her deadly friends wrapped around her neck.


Kajol's father, Taj Mohammad has worked as Ghatampur's snake catcher for the past 45 years.
He has already passed on his skills to his son Gulab, 28. But now it seems Kajol, the youngest nine, is keen to join the family business.

 Since Kajol's friendship with the killers began she has been bitten on her stomach, her cheeks and most recently her arm. She was seriously ill but made a full recovery. 'It hurts when they bite me but they don’t mean it,' she said. 'I get a little frightened when I see the blood but my father sorts me out. He rushes into the forest and comes back with the medicine.' Kajol said: 'I have a lot of fun with the cobras. It hurts when they bite me but sometimes it’s my own fault because I tease them. It’s quite funny. I don’t like school. I much prefer working with the snakes' she said.

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